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DIGITIZE YOUR Personal Videos, Movies, Photos, 35mm slides or Adult 8mm film collections to Blu-Ray discs, DVD Discs, Hard Drives or USB Flash Drives.

This Website is directed to those special couples and individuals who have collected Risqu�, Nudie or X rated material over the years. You enjoy the subject and have spouses, partners, Significant Others and friends with whom you share your collections. If you had collected "G" rated film and photos, you would be able to waltz into any Wal-Mart store and have your movies, videos, photos or 35mm slides transferred to DVD or Blu-Ray discs for personal entertainment and enjoyment. However, there are no Department stores or Drug stores that will accept adult "X" rated material. I, for one, have been collecting and sharing since the sexual swinging booming 1960's and I can help you transfer your private stuff to modern digital media that will play on your HDTV or personal computer in the privacy of your home.

This Website is setup to help you preserve your Personal Videos, Photos, 35MM slides, 8MM or Super 8MM movies (silent or sound) in modern media. I transfer and convert your risqu�  treasures onto Digital Video tape or Digital discs. My Telecine equipment is professional grade backed by many years of experience in film and video transfer. You will get personal service while enjoying some of the lowest prices in this industry. I am setup to transfer your adult stuff to digital raw data. The raw data can be in High Definition Digital Video (HDV) or in Standard Definition Digital Video (SDV). It is sent to you on Discs, Flash Drives or Hard Drives. You can use the raw digital data of the transfer to create your own Blu-Ray or DVD disc in the privacy of your home or I can create the disc for you for an extra fee.

Rules for transfer of your sexual erotica:

  • Personal material accepted
  • Non-copyrighted old adult material accepted
  • Copyrighted commercial material cannot be transferred
  • No child porn of any kind
  • No under age actors of any kind
  • No animal movies

For 8mm film movie transfer, I use special Telecine projectors to project aerial images to a 3 chip CMOS digital HDV/DV camera. This special proprietary process is a lens to lens transfer with no screens involved. The process has been developed to produce a frame by frame, flicker-free image with no hot spots. The color is enhanced and the image is sharpened digitally. The camera archives to a mini-DV video tape or to a CompactFlash Memory card. This is true digital video, I do not "bump-up" an analog signal from a old fashion analog chip. The digital signal can then be captured by the PC for further enhancement and editing. The finished movie or storyline can be recorded back to a  DVD disc or other digital media .  Check out the prices.   Check out the process.

Your analog VHS, VHS-C, 8mm analog video and Digital-8 video tapes of your personal sexual adventures transferred to DVD, MiniDV Tape or other digital media is another service we offer.  Check out the prices.

Erotic Photos or 35mm slides can also be transferred to DVD discs in either a simple, direct method or by creating your personal DVD with personal screen menu and selectable chapter points. Check out the prices.

I am offering a great service at budget prices for customers who want good quality transfers for personal and private use. My services are suited to projects where content is king and budgets are small.

If you don't want your collection of erotica anymore, I have some suggestions for you. Save and Preserve

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                 Other times; leave a message, we will get back to you.  

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Your personal photos, movies or slides are treated with discretion and your privacy is guarded


It is not the intention of the operator of this website to reproduce copyrighted material. Every effort has been extended to check for copyright labels and copyrights filed with the US Government. If some video, movie, photo or image slipped past our vigilant efforts, we will remove it as soon as it is brought to our attention and proof of ownership is established.


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